Sunday, May 7, 2017

Thank You Pixie

It's been a beautiful, productive day at my house!  Love it when that happens.  And, it's exciting for me to share that I achieved a goal I set for myself to reach the top of a mountain trail by our house.  It took me a few weeks, but got it done!
And that activity just happened to fill me with all kinds of creative energy.  The hills surrounding the trail today were packed with lupine, balsam, camas, and phlox.  Which made me think of this little Pixie from Tiddly Inks.  Hope you can find her in the card, as my layout is a bit wild and crazy!!  It looks like I broke all the coloring rules... lol... but it was fun.  And that is it for my post today - thanks for your visit, and have a fabulous week!
Copics Used:
Skin:  E000 E00 E11 R00 R20
Hair:  TY T5 T3
Flowers:  E09 E08 R08 R22 BG72 Y02 E50 YR30 BG72 R39 E47 R05 R08 R46 YR04 C0 C1 R000 R30 YG0000 YG00 YG 93 YG95 YG25
Dress:  Y02 Y08 Y38
Ground:  T5 T3 T1

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Brightening My Day

We had a significant storm the other day.  Rain like I've never seen or heard before!  So when it came time to get crafty, I thought of little Miss Puddle Jumper, who is a part of the Roberto's Rascals collection from CC Designs.  I've been wanting to get her on a card for the longest time!  My attempt was to make this "rainy day" card as bright as possible, which isn't too difficult with these cheerful characters.  I also applied a bit of Glossy Accents on the puddle, and on her hat.  And, of course, a CAS layout.  In the end, she made me smile.  Yay!  That's it for today... have a good rest of your weekend!
Copics Used:
Skin:  E000 E00 E11 R00 R20 R22
Hair:  E71 E74 E77 E79
Coat/Hat:  Y15 Y35 Y38
Boots:  B39 B97 B95 B93 R39 R29 R35 R14
Rocks/Ground:  C0 BVV20 BV23 BV25 C1 E31 YG03 YG93 YG95

Friday, May 5, 2017

Sweet As Can Be

I've got another quick post for you on this Friday, as I ran out of time yesterday to get it up on the ol' blog.  And this little Pure Innocence Milk & Cookies from My Favorite Things couldn't possibly miss out on the spotlight!  She finally got a chance to sit down and enjoy her treat... ahhhhh.  She was a fun one to color.  But, I think I'd go crazy if I lived in a house with that wild wallpaper.  What can I say... it does match her chair!  The important things.... LOL.  I'm off and running... thank you, as always, for taking a minute to view my project today.
Copics Used:
Skin:  E000 E00 E11 R00 R20
Hair:  E31 E55 E57
Chair:   G00 G12 G46
Cookie, Milk:  E31 E55 E49 BG000 0
Clothes:  R00 R20 R32 E55 E57

Pink Birthday Wishes

Today I've colored up another cutie from The Greeting Farm.  Her name is Dollie with Ice Cream.  Dollies are top on my list of Greeting Farm favorites.  Her expression and posture reminds me of how I felt when I was traveling on business.  There was always much more on my to do list than I had time for.  Packing for varied events, delayed flights, missed connections, preparing presentations, nerves.... on the verge of complete frazzlement!!  However, I would also consider a triple scoop chocolate chip mint ice cream cone the ultimate remedy!!  Especially if it was to be shared with a friend.  LOL.  Thanks for stopping, and I hope you have a fabulous Friday!

Copics Used:
Skin:  E000 E00 E11 R00 R20
Hair:  Y32 Y35 E55
Dress:  RV11 R83 R85
Eyes:  G00 G12 G46
Apron:  E84 E81 E41 E50
Shoes:  E49 E47 E44
Paper and Ink - Papertrey Ink "Lovely Lady"

Tuesday, May 2, 2017


It seems that my creativity goes in spurts that focus on specific artists.  My spurt at the moment is The Greeting Farm.  It's a lovely thing, as I do adore TGF images.  The selection I've made this day is "Miss Anya Night Out".  Unfortunately, I couldn't find her on the TGF site.  It doesn't take away, however, from the joy of coloring her up!!  I threw my paper flowers on the table and had fun with them... not something I usually do because I prefer CAS layouts.  In the end it stayed simple enough, and I ended up loving it!  So that's it for today.  Thanks for stopping by... 'til we meet again!!
Copics Used:
Skin:  E000 E00 E11 R00 R20 R32 (Lips)
Hair:  Y21 YR23 YR14 YR24
Dress:  G40 G12 BG32 BG15 BG49
Shoes:  R30 R12 R32 R35

Monday, May 1, 2017

Smile Sweetie Pie

Today's post really ended up being a fun project.  It is a combination of Greeting Farm stamps that includes the Bakery Set, and the star of the show... Cheeky Cherry Pie (unable to find in the store).  Also included are pies from the Hello Fall Set.  Amy was my inspiration.  Her post is here.  Thank you, Amy!
My husband works in the fruit industry, and we're coming up on cherry season.  So, why not incorporate that bit of deliciousness into the theme of my card?  Too fun... makes me want to go make a pie!  Instead, off for my hike... and errands. Have a fabulous Monday!
Copics Used:
Skin:  E000 E00 E11 R00 R20
Hair:  E74 E77 E79
Clothes:  BV02 BV04 BV08 Y15 Y35 YR24 E81 0 E77 E79
Pies:  E09 RV69 R39 C4 C2 E30 E31 E34 E57
Case:  BG0000 YG21 YG01 YG03

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Wish You Were Here

Good Morning!  It's a beautiful Saturday morning here in Central Washington.  My husband and I are getting ready to go for a hike.  I have a goal to reach, and he is supporting me until that goal is achieved... good guy!  But, before I head out, I want to share a card I created yesterday.  "Day Off Anya" (which I could not find on the TGF website) from The Greeting Farm.  With a little change.  I was practicing hair on "Reds Anya", and was pleased with the results so decided to do a little switcheroo.  Looks like she's also taking a hike, and wishing her moral support was with her.  It's a lovely thing having those people in your life to share with!  Anyway, I had fun mixing up these Greeting Farm images, hope you enjoy as well!  Have yourself a great weekend!

Copics Used:
Skin:  E000 E00 E11 R00 R20
Hair:  YR04 E07 E18
Clothes:  Y15 Y35 Y38 YR14 B41 B95 B97 B99 E35 E57 E59