Sunday, May 7, 2017

Thank You Pixie

It's been a beautiful, productive day at my house!  Love it when that happens.  And, it's exciting for me to share that I achieved a goal I set for myself to reach the top of a mountain trail by our house.  It took me a few weeks, but got it done!
And that activity just happened to fill me with all kinds of creative energy.  The hills surrounding the trail today were packed with lupine, balsam, camas, and phlox.  Which made me think of this little Pixie from Tiddly Inks.  Hope you can find her in the card, as my layout is a bit wild and crazy!!  It looks like I broke all the coloring rules... lol... but it was fun.  And that is it for my post today - thanks for your visit, and have a fabulous week!
Copics Used:
Skin:  E000 E00 E11 R00 R20
Hair:  TY T5 T3
Flowers:  E09 E08 R08 R22 BG72 Y02 E50 YR30 BG72 R39 E47 R05 R08 R46 YR04 C0 C1 R000 R30 YG0000 YG00 YG 93 YG95 YG25
Dress:  Y02 Y08 Y38
Ground:  T5 T3 T1

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Brightening My Day

We had a significant storm the other day.  Rain like I've never seen or heard before!  So when it came time to get crafty, I thought of little Miss Puddle Jumper, who is a part of the Roberto's Rascals collection from CC Designs.  I've been wanting to get her on a card for the longest time!  My attempt was to make this "rainy day" card as bright as possible, which isn't too difficult with these cheerful characters.  I also applied a bit of Glossy Accents on the puddle, and on her hat.  And, of course, a CAS layout.  In the end, she made me smile.  Yay!  That's it for today... have a good rest of your weekend!
Copics Used:
Skin:  E000 E00 E11 R00 R20 R22
Hair:  E71 E74 E77 E79
Coat/Hat:  Y15 Y35 Y38
Boots:  B39 B97 B95 B93 R39 R29 R35 R14
Rocks/Ground:  C0 BVV20 BV23 BV25 C1 E31 YG03 YG93 YG95

Friday, May 5, 2017

Sweet As Can Be

I've got another quick post for you on this Friday, as I ran out of time yesterday to get it up on the ol' blog.  And this little Pure Innocence Milk & Cookies from My Favorite Things couldn't possibly miss out on the spotlight!  She finally got a chance to sit down and enjoy her treat... ahhhhh.  She was a fun one to color.  But, I think I'd go crazy if I lived in a house with that wild wallpaper.  What can I say... it does match her chair!  The important things.... LOL.  I'm off and running... thank you, as always, for taking a minute to view my project today.
Copics Used:
Skin:  E000 E00 E11 R00 R20
Hair:  E31 E55 E57
Chair:   G00 G12 G46
Cookie, Milk:  E31 E55 E49 BG000 0
Clothes:  R00 R20 R32 E55 E57

Pink Birthday Wishes

Today I've colored up another cutie from The Greeting Farm.  Her name is Dollie with Ice Cream.  Dollies are top on my list of Greeting Farm favorites.  Her expression and posture reminds me of how I felt when I was traveling on business.  There was always much more on my to do list than I had time for.  Packing for varied events, delayed flights, missed connections, preparing presentations, nerves.... on the verge of complete frazzlement!!  However, I would also consider a triple scoop chocolate chip mint ice cream cone the ultimate remedy!!  Especially if it was to be shared with a friend.  LOL.  Thanks for stopping, and I hope you have a fabulous Friday!

Copics Used:
Skin:  E000 E00 E11 R00 R20
Hair:  Y32 Y35 E55
Dress:  RV11 R83 R85
Eyes:  G00 G12 G46
Apron:  E84 E81 E41 E50
Shoes:  E49 E47 E44
Paper and Ink - Papertrey Ink "Lovely Lady"

Tuesday, May 2, 2017


It seems that my creativity goes in spurts that focus on specific artists.  My spurt at the moment is The Greeting Farm.  It's a lovely thing, as I do adore TGF images.  The selection I've made this day is "Miss Anya Night Out".  Unfortunately, I couldn't find her on the TGF site.  It doesn't take away, however, from the joy of coloring her up!!  I threw my paper flowers on the table and had fun with them... not something I usually do because I prefer CAS layouts.  In the end it stayed simple enough, and I ended up loving it!  So that's it for today.  Thanks for stopping by... 'til we meet again!!
Copics Used:
Skin:  E000 E00 E11 R00 R20 R32 (Lips)
Hair:  Y21 YR23 YR14 YR24
Dress:  G40 G12 BG32 BG15 BG49
Shoes:  R30 R12 R32 R35

Monday, May 1, 2017

Smile Sweetie Pie

Today's post really ended up being a fun project.  It is a combination of Greeting Farm stamps that includes the Bakery Set, and the star of the show... Cheeky Cherry Pie (unable to find in the store).  Also included are pies from the Hello Fall Set.  Amy was my inspiration.  Her post is here.  Thank you, Amy!
My husband works in the fruit industry, and we're coming up on cherry season.  So, why not incorporate that bit of deliciousness into the theme of my card?  Too fun... makes me want to go make a pie!  Instead, off for my hike... and errands. Have a fabulous Monday!
Copics Used:
Skin:  E000 E00 E11 R00 R20
Hair:  E74 E77 E79
Clothes:  BV02 BV04 BV08 Y15 Y35 YR24 E81 0 E77 E79
Pies:  E09 RV69 R39 C4 C2 E30 E31 E34 E57
Case:  BG0000 YG21 YG01 YG03

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Wish You Were Here

Good Morning!  It's a beautiful Saturday morning here in Central Washington.  My husband and I are getting ready to go for a hike.  I have a goal to reach, and he is supporting me until that goal is achieved... good guy!  But, before I head out, I want to share a card I created yesterday.  "Day Off Anya" (which I could not find on the TGF website) from The Greeting Farm.  With a little change.  I was practicing hair on "Reds Anya", and was pleased with the results so decided to do a little switcheroo.  Looks like she's also taking a hike, and wishing her moral support was with her.  It's a lovely thing having those people in your life to share with!  Anyway, I had fun mixing up these Greeting Farm images, hope you enjoy as well!  Have yourself a great weekend!

Copics Used:
Skin:  E000 E00 E11 R00 R20
Hair:  YR04 E07 E18
Clothes:  Y15 Y35 Y38 YR14 B41 B95 B97 B99 E35 E57 E59

Thursday, April 27, 2017

You're Awesome

Hello!  I have another cutie from Sister Stamps today.  Her name is Kiyomi.  Most likely, this little gal would more traditionally call for a red kimono... but then she wouldn't have matched the paper I picked!  LOL... so, she's dressed in blue.  I first filled in the flowers on her Kimono with a white Sharpie water based pen so it would provide a bit of resistance to the copics.  I did a little research, and didn't find that this would damage my pens in any way.  Would be eager to learn if you know otherwise.  And I chose a very simple layout - but I do love how it came together.  These Sister Stamp images might also be fun for a no line coloring party... hmmmm.... 😉!  So that's it for today.  As always, thanks for stopping - and have a great day!

Copics Used:
Skin:  E000 E00 E11 E04 R00 R20
Hair:  C10 C8 C6
Clothing:  YG61 YG63 G46 B41 B93 B95 B97 E50 E81

Monday, April 24, 2017

Courage, Dear Heart

It's Monday, and I'm exhausted!  LOL... something about chasing my grandbaby around over the weekend.  But, I wouldn't have preferred anything else!  So, I was a little slow getting this card done, but it was crazy fun!  I pulled out my watercolor pencils, just because this image seemed to call for it.  I do have to mention my dear friend, Amy, on this... as this Stamping Bella stamp set, "Only Gretchen", was a birthday gift from her.  It almost caused me to jump through the roof with excitement!  The watercolor was a bit challenging, as my preferred medium is Copics.  However,
 I will be coloring this up again with Copics, and Amy!  Anyway,  hope you enjoy... and have a fabulous week!

Friday, April 14, 2017

Makes Me Happy

Happy Friday to you!  It's the Friday before Easter, and I should be posting a card appropriate to the occasion, but... my eyes and heart gave in to Mei Li, from Sister Stamps.  This little cutey is not available, as Sister Stamps is no longer in business.  But it is always fun to peruse the Sister Stamps Blog - such inspiration!  She landed on a very simple layout.  It seems, for now anyway, to be the look I love the most.  Hope you enjoy, and that you're able to relax over the Easter weekend!
Copics Used:
Skin:  E50 E51 E00 E21 E04
Hair:  C10 C8 C6
Clothes/Shoes:  C10 C8 C6 C4 R32 R14 R05 G12 G07 YG67 BG57 G29 (A little crazy, but it worked!)
Flowers:  YR30 YR31 Y35 E08 E18
Lantern:  E18 R29 R33 R14 R05 YR31 Y35 C10 C8 C6

Monday, April 10, 2017

Hello Sweet Bunny

Another Easter Card today.  This image is from Impronte d'Autore, titled Coniglietto Dolce (Sweet Bunny).  My brother and sister-in-law are leaving for a 3 week vacation to Italy, so I thought I'd pull out one of my images from that lovely country!  Leaving it very simple with a light ombre background, I wanted to keep the focus on this little sweety.  She's pleased that she finally coaxed her furry friend to at least tentatively accept her Easter gift.  I do love these images... so playful and full of life!  And that's it for today... Mi auguro che tu e la tua famiglia abbiate trascorso una Buona Pasqua!
Copics Used;
Skin:  E50 E04 E11 E00 E21
Hair:  E50 E51 E53 E55 YR23
Ribbon:  Y11 Y21 YG91
Dress/Shoes:  B0000 B00 B41 B52 E40 E42 E43 E44 E47
Ground:  YG01 YG03 YG17 YG67 E31 E33
Bunny: E40 E81 R00 R20 0
Carrot:  YR12 YR68 YR18 YG95 YG67 YG03
Background:  R000 YR30 0

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Where your heart wants

This is a card that I completed some time ago, but never posted it onto my blog.  Little Anya from the The Greeting Farm's mini remix "Happy", kinda stole my heart when I first saw her.  So, when I received a darling video clip the other day of my granddaughter sprinting toward her father, with such determination and excitement, I had to send this off to her.  Which meant I better get it on the blog or it would disappear forever!  Hope your feet take you to amazing places today, and thanks for your visit!
Copics Used:
Skin:  E000 E00 E11 R00 R20
Hair:  E21 E25 E27 E49
Clothing:  BG49 BG45 BG11 V06 V09 BV08 E50 E40 E25 E21 R81 R83 R56

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Thinking of You

Good Morning - and it's another beautiful day!  My guest, 😉, is Fairy Queen Primrose Fairy from A Day For Daisies.  It seems like I've been coloring quite a few ADFD images lately - yes, this crafter adores them.  I had all kinds of different papers pulled to accompany this beauty, and almost put her away for another time.  Until this lovely paper ... well, no need to say more!  It was a stretch for me to match the blue in her dress with the flowers.  However, BG90 and BG70 as a base... magical!  Thank you, Amy!!  Anyway - this was all I hoped it would be, and am so happy she made it onto a card!  That's it for today... Hvordan å si ha en god dag!!

Copics Used:
Skin:  E000 E00 E11 R00 R20
Hair:  C10 C8 C6
Dress:  BG90 BG70 BG0000 BG000
Shawl:  E0000 YR30 0
Flowers:  BG90 G00 BG32 BG15 Y11 Y15 Y32 Y35 YR30 E50
Ground:  YG23 YG25 YG03 YG95
Wings:  G000
Crown:  Y35 Y38

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Happy Birthday Pixie

Good Day to you!  Today's card, Paisley Pixie by Christy Croll, is for my momma's 95th birthday... 95th!  She's the real artist in the family - and I have amazing memories of her up until late at night getting creative with just about any medium you can imagine.  She had a kiln, mosaic tiles, oil paints, gorgeous magazines to incorporate into her numerous collages... on and on it goes.  So, she passed down the desire to be artsy.  And, I think she will have a smile from deep in her heart when she sees this card. I'm a little late getting it to her... she kinda passed that stuff on too.  Hee, hee.  Hope you enjoy this little cutey!
Copics Used:
Skin:  E000 E00 E11 R00 R20
Hair:  E43 E44 E47 E49
Flowers:  R05 R08 YR04 R14 R17 R29 R39 YR18 Y38 E81 E84 YG95 YR30 E30 E93 E95 E97 BG72 BG75 BG53 BG0000 YG01 YG03 YG67
Dress:  BG72 BG75 BG53 BG0000

Sunday, April 2, 2017

For Realz

Sunday morning, and another bunny card!  Somethin' about those soft little critters.  I'm thinking that this Pure Innocence sweety from My Favorite Things likes them too.  Just standing there trying to convince us she's really a bunny... and dreaming about the upcoming Easter egg hunt.  One of my favorite memories... Easter egg hunts, and my Grandpa showing up for Easter dinner with a big bag of jelly beans.  What's not to love about that?  Anyway, this was a fun and easy card - which somehow fit my mood this mornin'.  And that's all for today... enjoy the rest of your weekend!
Copics Used:
Skin:  E000 E00 E11 R00 R20
Hair:  Y21 YR23 E15 E18
Bunny Suit:  W00 W0 W2 W4 RV00 RV11 RV13

Saturday, April 1, 2017

I Miss You

Hi there!  Just a brief post today, as my husband is strongly hinting that I should be outside working in the yard with him.  And yes, I should be.  😊
Today I've colored up "Clara In Love", from Odd Ball Art Co.  Another line of digital images that I adore.  Small little spaces, and sometimes a lot of detail - but so worth the effort.  Clara looked more like she was missing somebody vs. lovelorn.  Maybe it's because I miss my little grand daughter so much!  So, I went ahead with that theme, and I am pleased with the results.  Cardmaking - is it not the most fulfilling pastime?  Ahhh... guess I better get back to earth and go pull a few weeds.... 😉  Hope you have a great day, and thanks for visiting my blog!
Copics Used:
Skin:  E000 E00 E11 R00 R20 E04 R14
Hair:  YR21 Y17 YR04 YR27
Eyes:  BG15 BG49 BG0000
Clothes:  YR31 Y21 Y26 W8 W6 W4 W2 W0 YR18 YR04 YR12 E84 E81 0
Background:  W0 E40 E41 YR30 E50

Friday, March 31, 2017

Hi There Bunny

Hello!  Is it really Friday, again, already?  The weeks are flying!  It's funny though, time seems to go even faster when I'm in my craft room.  Case in point; I stepped into the aforementioned at 7am this morning, and walked out 3 hours later NOT believing more than an hour had passed.  I completely lost all concept of time, but did end up with this little cutey, "Girl With A Bunny", from A Day For Daisies.  It is a darling image for this time of year, and I had a great time bringing her to life.  So fun.  And also very cool that every time I tackle a project with Copics, it's a learning experience.  Love that.  So, that's it for today - have a super fabulous weekend!
Copics Used:
Skin:  E000 E00 E11 R00 R20 R22
Hair:  E41 E43 E44
Bunny:  W00 W0 W2 W4
Flower/Dress:  R81 R83 R85 R56 R59
Blouse:  Y28 YG93 YG95
Shoes:  E43 E44 E47 E49

Monday, March 27, 2017


Hello, and Happy Monday to you! Spring is officially here, and I couldn't be happier about it! To bring in the season, I decided to color up Peggy, from Whimsy Stamps.   I do love the sweet faces and interactive scenes that the artist (Sylvia Zet) creates with her images.  It's tough to peruse through her stamps at Whimsy's shop, 'cause I just end up wanting to buy them all!  I also purchased a (boring probably) crafty item that is really coming in handy.  The MFT Die-namics Circle STAX Set 1 that so perfectly frames my stitched circles.  How did I function without them I'll never know!?!  LOL... anyway, I was pleased with the outcome of this card, hope you enjoy!  Off to enjoy the sunshine!!

Copics Used:
Skin:  E000 E00 E11 R00 R20
Hair:  E42 E43 E44 E47
Dress:  BG90 BG70 BG10 BG11 BG18
Flowers/Leaves:  E30 R000 R00 R11 R22 R14 YR30 Y000 Y00 YG17 YG00 YG67
Basket:  E31 E33 E37
Shoes:  E41 E42 E43 E44 E47 R00 R22

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Birthday Wishes

Good morning.  A quick post for you today.  I decided to give Christmas Tree Mae from Some Odd Girl a new role!  She has now been commissioned as Birthday Wishes Mae!  Lol... always good to make good use of our stamps/images, right?  My intent was to create a colorful spring card... but it has a bit of Fall look to it.  Oh well... I had fun, and do hope you enjoy!  Thanks for your visit... have a fantastic day!
Copics Used:
Skin:  E000 E00 E11 R00 R20
Hair:  Y11 E50 Y32 YR31 E33 E35 E59
Shirt/Ribbon:  R14 R29 R39
Gift/Star:  YR21 YR04 YR18 E09

Monday, March 13, 2017

Wishing You Joy

Today I'm sharing with you a sweet little Anya ballerina from The Greeting Farm. She's a digital stamp titled "Ballet Anya".  One thing I've noticed, for sure, is whenever I make a card with Papertrey Ink Vintage Cream cardstock, it seems to end up on my "love it!" list. Copics blend so nicely on this paper - and the soft cream enables colors to pop beautifully. What's not to love about that? So, this little dancing darling landed on Vintage Cream - and I think she's happy about it. I hope you are too! ;) I'm going to toss this in as my second entry in the March Farm Fresh Challenge on TFG's Blog. And then... I'm off and running - busy day. But thanks for your visit.  I hope you have a fabulous Monday!
Copics Used:
Skin:  E000 E00 E11 E13 BV20 R00 R20
Hair:  YR31 E51 E55 E59
Clothes:  R000 R00 R30 R20 R32 R14 R24

Sunday, March 12, 2017

The Beginning of Love

Good Day! I thought I better get this card posted before the snow is completely melted outside! We're getting so close to birds singing and crocus blooming! Today's star is "Winter Mae", a digital stamp from Some Odd Girl. I've always wanted a coat with a giant hood - you know, that Red Riding Hood look... lol. Maybe someday! Anywho, one of my favorite color combinations is the E40s with B90s - and I think it worked out well with this card. Looks like she's got spring on her mind as well - just look at the sparkle in her eye! Ha! Can you tell I'm done with winter? :) Okay, that's it for today... and thank you, as always, for stopping by!
Copics Used:
Skin:  E000 E00 E11 R00 R20
Hair:  Y21 YR23 E15 E18
Clothes:  E40 E41 E42 E43 E44 B93 B95 B97 B99

Friday, March 10, 2017

You Slay Me

It's Friday!!! Yay! Today I gave another go at no line coloring with this sweet stamp set from My Favorite Things, called "Magical Dragons". My friend Amy is my inspiration - she does such a beautiful job with everything she touches with a copic pen!! The goal? Practice, practice, practice. This project was a lot of fun, but certainly challenging. I tend to look at the mistakes, but... I also notice I'm getting a little better - so, there you go! The background was also inspiration as a result of my craft surfing. Thank you, Jennifer McGuire for this great idea of cornering/grounding cards with a soft distress application. Her tutorial is here. And that's all she wrote for today, thank you for taking a minute to visit my blog!

Copics Used:
Dragon:  T1 T3 T5 T7 T9 R000 R00 R20 R30 R22 Y11 Y15 YR23 Y28
Distress Inks:  Faded Jeans, Wilted Violet, Shaded Lilac, Dusty Concord, Tumbled Glass

Saturday, March 4, 2017

What's Up?

Good Morning! Please welcome this little sweety from The Greeting Farm to my blog on this beautiful day! I fell in love with the "Mega-Mini Lift Off" set that was recently released - so darn cute. For the month of March, TGF's Farm Fresh Challenge is "Mixed Media Madness".  Love this - pure motivation! My background is first stenciled with Tim Holtz Picket Fence, and then inked up with distress ink, using my hand made cloud stencil.  Then a few splatters of Picket Fence to finish it off, and Voila!  So simple!  I also tried my hand at no line coloring on this one - gave it my best. But oh, there's practice in store for this crafter!   Anyhow... it was a fun project, and hope it gives you ideas as well. It is a gorgeous day outside - a tease for the coming season. My goal is to get out and go for a walk. We have a great walking trail on the river - such a beautiful place to recharge! Thanks for stoppin' - hope you have a great weekend!
Copics Used:
Skin:  E000 E00 E11 R00 R20
Hair:  E41 E42 E43 E44
Clothes:  BG000 B01 Y15 Y35 Y38 E42 E44
Balloon:  Y15 Y35 Y38 YR18

Friday, March 3, 2017

All of me loves all of you

Happy Friday to you! My inspiration to post this morning comes from "A Day For Daisies" blog. Sadly, they will no longer be posting on their site. Thankfully, though, "The ADFD Shop" will stay open so we can continue to purchase their fabulous images.  So the curtain closes with one final challenge - "A Celebration of Favorites". This image definitely fits in that category for me, but I've never managed to get it on to a card until now. Her name is "Braid In My Hair".  Just adore the quiet activity in this image.  I hope you do, as well.  I also want to thank Tammy, and everyone that supported the ADFD blog, for all the inspiration and beauty... you'll always have a warm place reserved in my heart!

Copics Used:
Skin:  E000 E00 E11 R00 R20
Hair:  E31 E55 E57
Birds:  B000 B01 C0 C2
Dress:  T1 T3

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Hi Friend

Hello! I've wanted to color "Janny Texting" from Mo's Digital Pencil, it seems like for forever. I love this cutey... and have just the perfect person to send it to! I had fun with the colors and texture for her hat. I used a microfiber rag and alcohol to accomplish the texture... and ended up loving it! There's something about Mo's images - so fun to see them come to life. Enjoy, and I wish for you a fabulous week ahead! :)
Copics Used:
Skin:  E000 E00 E11 R00 R20
Hair:  E43-E49
Sweater/Hat/Shoes/Socks:  R21 R22 R24 R29 RV52 RV63 RV66 V01 V91 V93 E40 E81
Shirt/Jeans:  T1 T3 T5 T7 T9
Books:  YG91 YG93 YG95 E79 E77 E74 YS8 YS6 E81 E84 E40 0

So Thoughtful

Well, I missed a day or two of posting but I did manage to fit in crafty time. Today I'll be posting a couple cards. The first one is from the Sweet November collection, and her name is Garden Girl Adelle. She's no longer available, but isn't this just an adorable image?  I envisioned Adelle walking up a path with this little mouse, taking in a beautiful day together. So I decided to challenge myself by trying to create the scene I was envisioning. I'm thinkin' that mouse is appreciating the ride! :) I also played with colors on her dress and hat - it was fun, and I think I might use this combination again! This was a stretch for me, but always rewarding to step up to the challenge, eh? Hope you enjoy. :)
Copics Used:
Skin:  E000 E00 E11
Hair:  YR30 YR12 YR27
Dress/Hat:  BV00 BV02 BV04 BV08 V01 B21 B23 B29
Shoes:  E71 E74 E77 E79
Mouse:  C0 C1 C2 C4 R00 R20 R30
Walnut:  E21 E23 E25 E27 E59 C4 C6 C8 C10
Hills/Road:  YG01 YG03 YG17 YG61 YG63 YG67 E31 G40 G43 V91 C0 C1 C2

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Counting My Blessings

Well, I'm counting my blessings, for sure. Our pipes burst last night, and we had to have our water shut off by the city (at the street... 'cause of our irrigation system), as well as at the house. Ugh. We called a plumber and were told that we would be put on a waiting list.  Super Ugh.  Long story short... I managed to land an amazing plumbing company that got the job done this afternoon... and, we now have water!  Yay! 
So,  I  am barely reaching my goal of posting each day... but here it is!  Sweet Snuddle Anya from The Greeting Farm.  Counting her blessings... a comfy chair, soft kitty, good book, and a beautiful mug of java!!  Hope your day is filled with blessings as well!  'Till next time!  :)
Copics Used:
Skin:  E000 E00 E11 R00 R20
Hair:  YR31 YR12 YR27 E39
Shirt:  G99 YG97 YG95 YG93 YG91
Barret/Shorts:  E39 B99 B97 B95 B93
Slippers:  E50 E81 E84 BV20 R00 R30 R32
Mug:  R35 R46 R89 E23 E25 E29, Wink of Stella Gold
Chair:  YR30 Y32 YR31 Y26 BV20 E21 E18 E39
Kitty:  R02 W4 W6 E50 Y32

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Sending Happy

Another cold, wintry day. In fact, freezing rain! Which means... ugh... I had to cancel my hair appointment.  Made me grumpy momentarily... until I started thinking about my warm home, soup in the crockpot, and a great book to read. So, I decided to do Sassy Suzi's hair instead, and the grumps went away instantaneously! :) Sassy Suzi is a part of the Wild Sprout collection at The Greeting Farm. I didn't see her in their store, but maybe she'll be one that is reintroduced in the future. Anyway, I just love her long warm coat, and fabulous 'do! I'm also going to enter this into January's Farm Fresh Challenge, "Anything Goes". Thanks for stopping by, I'm headed to the kitchen to make biscuits to have with our soup tonight! Stay warm!! :)
Copics Used:
Skin:  E000 E00 E11 R00 R20
Hair:  E43 E44 E47 E49
Coat:  C0 C1 C2 C4
Pants:  BG 53 BG57 BG09 BG78
Shirt:  BG0000 BG000 B000 B00
Shoes:  C6 CC8

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Thank You

Hello again! Life has been busy, for sure. My son is getting married in 10 days, and there's much to do! But, I am determined to make time to be creative, and post on my blog each day before the big event... we'll see how it goes! :) Today's little charmer is a Pure Innocence from My Favorite Things, whose name is "Ice Skater"! She's a sweety, for sure... one of my faves! My goal was to be a little more light with the pens. I just adore the lovely cards I'm seeing out there in the crafty world where color is used sparingly but effectively. Much practice in store, as I tend to have a very heavy hand. But... practicing is all the fun! I hope you enjoy this little skater, and I also hope you have a great day! Thank you for stopping by. :)
Copics Used:
Skin:  E000 E00 E11 R00 R20
Hair:  E44 E47 E49
Clothes:  RV00 RV11 RV32 BG90 BG70 BG10 BG72 E50 E41 E81 C0 C2 C4

Monday, January 16, 2017

What a wonderful world

Hello! Another very chilly day, but it's nice and toasty in my craft room! Today's guest is one of CC Design's darling images titled "Rustic Sugar Windy Day Cinnamon". Just love this sweet character! She's got herself all bundled up, ready and ever so grateful to take on the day!  I chose a CAS layout, so as not to distract from her cuteness. All in all, I'm pretty pleased with the outcome. Looking forward to coloring more of these images from this collection! That's it for today... wishing you a warm and productive day! :)
Copics Used:
Skin:  E000 E00 E11 R00 R20
Hair:  C10 C8 C6 C4
Hat/Gloves/Scarf/Stockings:  T1 T3 T5 BG10 BG45 BG4901
Coat:  V01 V05 V06 V09
Shoes:  C10 C8 C6
Ground:  E44 E43 E42

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Let your joys stack up

Good Morning! Brrrrr.... it is so cold outside! We've been getting below zero temps at night, and not a whole lot warmer during the day. It's definitely the time of year to cozy up with a blanket, hot cocoa, and a good book or two! Which totally inspired my decision to color this Pure Innocence image, "Bookworm". She's taking a pause, just long enough to express her thoughts; life is so much better when you're surrounded by books, not worries! I think I agree! Okay for now... I'm headed to go finish up a good read that I started long ago and never finished. Outlander, anyone? ;)
Copics Used:
Skin:  E000 E00 E11 R00 R20
Hair:  YR31 YR12 Y27 E39
Shirt:  Y11 YR31 Y21 Y26 V93
Pants:  E23 E27 E29 E49
Books/Worm:  YR30 E50 E41 E81 0 YG21 YG23 YG03 YG95
Floor:  E40 E43

Saturday, January 14, 2017

You brighten my days

Happy New Year! It's been awhile since I've posted on my blog, and it feels fabulous to get goin' again! I hope you all had a fantastic Holiday Season. Mine was more than I could have asked for... lots of love, family, and good food... so much to be grateful for. But... it was also busy, and lots'n'lots of work. I'm grateful, but at the same time, I'm glad to put it behind me for another year! So, today's post is a Kraftin' Kimmie, titled "Carly Cupcakes". Oh, how I love to bake for the special people in my life... so this image truly hits home. The excitement and anticipation on that little guy's face says it all. Hope you enjoy, and thank you for stopping by my blog!
Copics Used:
Skin:  E000 E00 E11 R00 R20
Hair:  Carly - E43 E44 E47 E49, Boy - YR31 YR12 YR27 E39
Eyes:  YG93 E84
Shirt:  RV11 RV52 RV55 R59
Jeans:  B39 B97 B95 B93
Cupcakes:  E55 E47 E49 E35 E57 E59 R05 R08 E09
Pan/Spoon:  C0 C1 C2 C4 C6
Counter:  YR30 E50 E51
Wall:  E40 E42 YR30