Saturday, April 29, 2017

Wish You Were Here

Good Morning!  It's a beautiful Saturday morning here in Central Washington.  My husband and I are getting ready to go for a hike.  I have a goal to reach, and he is supporting me until that goal is achieved... good guy!  But, before I head out, I want to share a card I created yesterday.  "Day Off Anya" (which I could not find on the TGF website) from The Greeting Farm.  With a little change.  I was practicing hair on "Reds Anya", and was pleased with the results so decided to do a little switcheroo.  Looks like she's also taking a hike, and wishing her moral support was with her.  It's a lovely thing having those people in your life to share with!  Anyway, I had fun mixing up these Greeting Farm images, hope you enjoy as well!  Have yourself a great weekend!

Copics Used:
Skin:  E000 E00 E11 R00 R20
Hair:  YR04 E07 E18
Clothes:  Y15 Y35 Y38 YR14 B41 B95 B97 B99 E35 E57 E59

Thursday, April 27, 2017

You're Awesome

Hello!  I have another cutie from Sister Stamps today.  Her name is Kiyomi.  Most likely, this little gal would more traditionally call for a red kimono... but then she wouldn't have matched the paper I picked!  LOL... so, she's dressed in blue.  I first filled in the flowers on her Kimono with a white Sharpie water based pen so it would provide a bit of resistance to the copics.  I did a little research, and didn't find that this would damage my pens in any way.  Would be eager to learn if you know otherwise.  And I chose a very simple layout - but I do love how it came together.  These Sister Stamp images might also be fun for a no line coloring party... hmmmm.... 😉!  So that's it for today.  As always, thanks for stopping - and have a great day!

Copics Used:
Skin:  E000 E00 E11 E04 R00 R20
Hair:  C10 C8 C6
Clothing:  YG61 YG63 G46 B41 B93 B95 B97 E50 E81

Monday, April 24, 2017

Courage, Dear Heart

It's Monday, and I'm exhausted!  LOL... something about chasing my grandbaby around over the weekend.  But, I wouldn't have preferred anything else!  So, I was a little slow getting this card done, but it was crazy fun!  I pulled out my watercolor pencils, just because this image seemed to call for it.  I do have to mention my dear friend, Amy, on this... as this Stamping Bella stamp set, "Only Gretchen", was a birthday gift from her.  It almost caused me to jump through the roof with excitement!  The watercolor was a bit challenging, as my preferred medium is Copics.  However,
 I will be coloring this up again with Copics, and Amy!  Anyway,  hope you enjoy... and have a fabulous week!

Friday, April 14, 2017

Makes Me Happy

Happy Friday to you!  It's the Friday before Easter, and I should be posting a card appropriate to the occasion, but... my eyes and heart gave in to Mei Li, from Sister Stamps.  This little cutey is not available, as Sister Stamps is no longer in business.  But it is always fun to peruse the Sister Stamps Blog - such inspiration!  She landed on a very simple layout.  It seems, for now anyway, to be the look I love the most.  Hope you enjoy, and that you're able to relax over the Easter weekend!
Copics Used:
Skin:  E50 E51 E00 E21 E04
Hair:  C10 C8 C6
Clothes/Shoes:  C10 C8 C6 C4 R32 R14 R05 G12 G07 YG67 BG57 G29 (A little crazy, but it worked!)
Flowers:  YR30 YR31 Y35 E08 E18
Lantern:  E18 R29 R33 R14 R05 YR31 Y35 C10 C8 C6

Monday, April 10, 2017

Hello Sweet Bunny

Another Easter Card today.  This image is from Impronte d'Autore, titled Coniglietto Dolce (Sweet Bunny).  My brother and sister-in-law are leaving for a 3 week vacation to Italy, so I thought I'd pull out one of my images from that lovely country!  Leaving it very simple with a light ombre background, I wanted to keep the focus on this little sweety.  She's pleased that she finally coaxed her furry friend to at least tentatively accept her Easter gift.  I do love these images... so playful and full of life!  And that's it for today... Mi auguro che tu e la tua famiglia abbiate trascorso una Buona Pasqua!
Copics Used;
Skin:  E50 E04 E11 E00 E21
Hair:  E50 E51 E53 E55 YR23
Ribbon:  Y11 Y21 YG91
Dress/Shoes:  B0000 B00 B41 B52 E40 E42 E43 E44 E47
Ground:  YG01 YG03 YG17 YG67 E31 E33
Bunny: E40 E81 R00 R20 0
Carrot:  YR12 YR68 YR18 YG95 YG67 YG03
Background:  R000 YR30 0

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Where your heart wants

This is a card that I completed some time ago, but never posted it onto my blog.  Little Anya from the The Greeting Farm's mini remix "Happy", kinda stole my heart when I first saw her.  So, when I received a darling video clip the other day of my granddaughter sprinting toward her father, with such determination and excitement, I had to send this off to her.  Which meant I better get it on the blog or it would disappear forever!  Hope your feet take you to amazing places today, and thanks for your visit!
Copics Used:
Skin:  E000 E00 E11 R00 R20
Hair:  E21 E25 E27 E49
Clothing:  BG49 BG45 BG11 V06 V09 BV08 E50 E40 E25 E21 R81 R83 R56

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Thinking of You

Good Morning - and it's another beautiful day!  My guest, 😉, is Fairy Queen Primrose Fairy from A Day For Daisies.  It seems like I've been coloring quite a few ADFD images lately - yes, this crafter adores them.  I had all kinds of different papers pulled to accompany this beauty, and almost put her away for another time.  Until this lovely paper ... well, no need to say more!  It was a stretch for me to match the blue in her dress with the flowers.  However, BG90 and BG70 as a base... magical!  Thank you, Amy!!  Anyway - this was all I hoped it would be, and am so happy she made it onto a card!  That's it for today... Hvordan å si ha en god dag!!

Copics Used:
Skin:  E000 E00 E11 R00 R20
Hair:  C10 C8 C6
Dress:  BG90 BG70 BG0000 BG000
Shawl:  E0000 YR30 0
Flowers:  BG90 G00 BG32 BG15 Y11 Y15 Y32 Y35 YR30 E50
Ground:  YG23 YG25 YG03 YG95
Wings:  G000
Crown:  Y35 Y38

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Happy Birthday Pixie

Good Day to you!  Today's card, Paisley Pixie by Christy Croll, is for my momma's 95th birthday... 95th!  She's the real artist in the family - and I have amazing memories of her up until late at night getting creative with just about any medium you can imagine.  She had a kiln, mosaic tiles, oil paints, gorgeous magazines to incorporate into her numerous collages... on and on it goes.  So, she passed down the desire to be artsy.  And, I think she will have a smile from deep in her heart when she sees this card. I'm a little late getting it to her... she kinda passed that stuff on too.  Hee, hee.  Hope you enjoy this little cutey!
Copics Used:
Skin:  E000 E00 E11 R00 R20
Hair:  E43 E44 E47 E49
Flowers:  R05 R08 YR04 R14 R17 R29 R39 YR18 Y38 E81 E84 YG95 YR30 E30 E93 E95 E97 BG72 BG75 BG53 BG0000 YG01 YG03 YG67
Dress:  BG72 BG75 BG53 BG0000

Sunday, April 2, 2017

For Realz

Sunday morning, and another bunny card!  Somethin' about those soft little critters.  I'm thinking that this Pure Innocence sweety from My Favorite Things likes them too.  Just standing there trying to convince us she's really a bunny... and dreaming about the upcoming Easter egg hunt.  One of my favorite memories... Easter egg hunts, and my Grandpa showing up for Easter dinner with a big bag of jelly beans.  What's not to love about that?  Anyway, this was a fun and easy card - which somehow fit my mood this mornin'.  And that's all for today... enjoy the rest of your weekend!
Copics Used:
Skin:  E000 E00 E11 R00 R20
Hair:  Y21 YR23 E15 E18
Bunny Suit:  W00 W0 W2 W4 RV00 RV11 RV13

Saturday, April 1, 2017

I Miss You

Hi there!  Just a brief post today, as my husband is strongly hinting that I should be outside working in the yard with him.  And yes, I should be.  😊
Today I've colored up "Clara In Love", from Odd Ball Art Co.  Another line of digital images that I adore.  Small little spaces, and sometimes a lot of detail - but so worth the effort.  Clara looked more like she was missing somebody vs. lovelorn.  Maybe it's because I miss my little grand daughter so much!  So, I went ahead with that theme, and I am pleased with the results.  Cardmaking - is it not the most fulfilling pastime?  Ahhh... guess I better get back to earth and go pull a few weeds.... 😉  Hope you have a great day, and thanks for visiting my blog!
Copics Used:
Skin:  E000 E00 E11 R00 R20 E04 R14
Hair:  YR21 Y17 YR04 YR27
Eyes:  BG15 BG49 BG0000
Clothes:  YR31 Y21 Y26 W8 W6 W4 W2 W0 YR18 YR04 YR12 E84 E81 0
Background:  W0 E40 E41 YR30 E50